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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Update/ Mini Review

Hey gals, I'm sorry I haven't posted in awhile! My sister and I are in the musical Annie, so pratices have basically been my life over the summer :) Showeek is Sept 12-18 so after that life calms down some and I will start posting more often.
Today I'm doing a short review of Avon's Ultra Luxury Eye Liner
I have two of 'em one in Eggplant (a pretty shimmery purple) and Khaki (khaki green with gold shimmer)
Swatches!!!! (I'm using the camera mode on my sister's video camera)
Top: Khaki, Bottom: Eggplant
These are what the liners look like :)
I like these liners. They do need a primer underneath or else they do a fanishing act. But for $1.99!? Yes please! The colors are viabrant and go on smoothly. They usually go for $5.99 but Avon has been running a sale so if you wait long enough you can snap them up for $1.99
There are a few other colors: Black, Charcoal, Dark Brown, and Midnight Blue
I hope you enjoyed this on the go review!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Project 10 Pan

Hey girls!
I'm going to embark on Project 10 Pan. If you're never heard of it, basically I can't buy any new makeup until I've used up 10 makeup products. This helps if you're on a budget. So far I'v found some hidden jems while going through my stash. It also gives me an excuse to use up some products I'm not loving. Wish me luck!

Maybelline Forever Metallics Metal Shine Lip Colors: A review

I'm not about to type that title again! For the rest of the review I'm calling these what they really are:  a nice jumbo lip pencil. I bought three colors: Ginger Sheen, Berry Glossy, and Blush Beam. Out of the three my fave is Blush Beam. It's a pretty, wearable pink with gold shimmer (you know me!) Berry Glossy is a deep berry shade you gotta be careful with. It applies really dark (all the shades do) but to make it more wearble I've been dotting it on my lips then blending it out so it's not so dark. Then I top it with a light pink lipgloss if I really want to tone it down. (I've been using Revlon Super Lustrous in Barely Blossom) Ginger Sheen is a rusty red with gold flecks. Again this one use with caution. I apply is sheer then top with a coral or sheer red lipgloss. These pencils have really nice staying power and are not drying in the least.
Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I'm Hooking Up with Mark. Hookups!

Hey girls! How was your weekend? Mine was really busy. I've had these glosses awhile, but they keep getting shoved down to the bottom of my review list. But here we are. I bought two different glosses and a mini jumbo eye pencil. (I'll explain later in the post)
Okay. I bought two shine tubes in Creme Caramel and Marshmallow. Creme Caramel was extremely dissapointing. The color looked georgeous in the tube, but one applied is so sheer it might as well be clear. Marmallow adds a tiny bit of color and shimmer, but not much. The design of the packaging is really nice. It's a squeeze tube and the top connects with another-so you can hookup different products. I guess the only thing I love about these glosses it that they smell divine. Maybe not what the names are but really delish. No flavour though. (good thing or else these glosses wouldn't last a minute on my lips :)
The second gloss is an m.powerment shade: peach, all procedes from the m.powerment line go to the prevention of teen abuse. I bought the shade Peach. it's a peachy (duh!!) gold color which is really pretty for summer. The pigmentation is really good in this gloss. It has a mint kick though. No taste.
Okay now for the Mini Mark It Stick. It needs a jumbo pencil sharpener, but is only as long as my pinkie. I have it in Violet Opal. This sucks as an eyeshadow. It creased within five minutes of application. I've tried it with primer but no luck. I love it as an eyeliner though. The color is purple-y white. A swatch on your hand, as you move it back and forth goes from white to light purple. I love to do a semi thick line of the mini mark it stick then tightline black on my top lid. Any questions about the products I'd be more than happy to answer!
Have a wonderful day!

Monday, July 5, 2010

I caved...

Alright. I have a confession to make. I love Avon. I really love Avon. But dear Avon, you have no products that wear very long on my very oily lids! So, what do I do? I cheat on you. I go onto ebay and buy that cult classic UDPP. I have heard about this product since I started to wear makeup.Oh you lucky Americans! You only have to pay $17 for a bottle. Imagine my horror when I walk into my local Sephora to find that UDPP is $26 a bottle! :( So I get a friend to go onto ebay and I bought a duo the Original and Sin.
With shipping, etc I payed $15 for each bottle. I saved $9 a bottle by doing this! I've been playing around with both formulas and it seems like Sin creases faster than the Original formula. Some people look on this as a miracle, but really for me it lasts about 7 hours, and even then it has started to crease a bit. Sin lasts about 5 hours before it really starts creasing. That is better than nothing, before I started using UDPP eyeshadow only lasted less than 2 hours. Overall it's better than nothing, but I'll going to try a different primer after this runs out. If any of you gals out there have tips about UDPP please share!!!

A Really Cool Lipstick

Of all the things I've lost I miss my mind the most. . .
Okay I know I said that I was finished with all the superSHOCK stuff, but no. I forgot the Avon Ultra Color Rich Mega Impact Lipstick. (quite a mouthful) Take a look how it's cut: (I'll post pics soon!)

Cool huh? I have it in Never so Nude. It's such a pretty beige pink. I normally don't wear nudes because my lips have zero pigment, so I like lipsticks that darken my lips. Now this nude is pigmented enough that I can carry it off.
It's a really nice nude shade.
The shape of the lipstick is nice for exact application.
It's only $4.99
Some might find this is too shimmery. It's not a metallic but, well you can judge from the pics.
(coming soon)
Have a wonderful day!

Haulin' in the USA

Well, last weekend my family and I went down to US for a weekend and I finally went to a Dollar Tree! (The Resessionista talks about this store sooo much!) You girls will not believe the deals I found! I bought five things (I didn't have much time) Sally Hansen Comfort Shine Lip Glaze in Fresh Strawberry (that's a mouthfull!) Sally Hansen Natural Butter Lip Shine in Bloom and three Maybelline Forever Metallics Metal Shine Lip Colors (in English: Jumbo lip pencils) shades: Blush Beam, Ginger Spice and Berry Glossy. So far I think my favorites are the lip gloss and the lip pencil in Blush Beam. Berry Glossy is def. a fall color. It's a bit deep for summer. Same goes for Ginger Spice. It's a bit to rust for me but I like to layer another gloss on top to mute it. I also went to Wal-Mart to gaze at the Hard Candy display. It wasn't even stocked, but I did pick up the last compact (Welcome Matte) Reviews coming soon! Oh, by the way I'm getting a phone! It's going to have a camera in it, so soon I'll be posting pictures again :) yay!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I'm Flipping for mark.'s Flip for It Palette

Just got this. And I'm lovin it! No this isn't an ad for McDonalds :) I'm talking about  mark.'s FFI (flip for it) palette in tokyo. Don't know about you, but I love purple. (It doesn't hurt that I have green eyes. Purple really makes green eyes pop) Which means I love this palette. It's a mix of purples and pinks; colors that work well with my porcelain doll skin (you should know by now I'm SUPER pale) Okay let me say I love the packaging. If you were to take four lipsticks and arrange them in the shape of a square, that's how big the palette is. The way the palette is designed is really smart. You open it up and you see two eyeshadows and a blush. You tilt the mirror back and the tray comes up a bit. (arggg, I wish I could find the cord for my camera! It would be so easy to show you with pictures!) To cut a long story short, the tray flips to reveal four lip colors. Two lip(sticks?) and two glosses. I looked at the colours and was confused. Three of them fitted the overall pink/purple of the palette, but one of the glosses is sheer shimmery red. Purple and red are okay, I'm just thinking that there is probs a better colour Mark. could have put in the palette. Okay now I'm going to rant. I went to put on one of the lip(stick?) colours on with a lip brush. And got nothing. The trick is that your fingers will do a better job at picking up the solid lip colors than a brush. End of rant. The solid lip colours look super dark in the pan, but apply sheer, just adding a kiss of colour. It's really fun to layer the  lip colours and make new combos. Okay, now flip back to the eyeshadows. One is light pink and the other is purple/black the blush is a delicate pink perfect for slightly flushed cheeks. On their own the shadows last about 2 hours. A word of warning: the purple back color is DARK use sparingly, a little dab'll do ya ;) 
Overall I like this palette. It's easy to use and you don't have the eyeshadows mixing with the lip colors, etc.
This palette is def for daytime looks, but that's pretty much the only look I do!
Have a wonderful day!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mining in Your. . .Makeup!?

Yes! Avon has jumped on the mineral makeup bandwagon and has come out with a whole line. I mean EVERYTHING! Eyeliners, lipsticks, blush, foundation, eyeshadow, concealer and tinted lip balm! Of the products mentioned above I have an eyeliner, foundation, 2 eyeshadows, 2 blushes and a lipstick. I like everything I have. I'm going to be doing a series if reviews on the all products from the line. (that I own) I know some people can only use mineral makeup and this is a really afordable line. First up I have foundation (I'm reviewing in the order I apply things in the morning) I have the powder foundation in Trasparent Glow. I'm really pale and can carry off "transparent" shades but for darker skinned gals, try the tinted foundations. A word of warning: Use lightly. I put on too much one morning and my skin was white. Not a good thing. Other than that the coverage is about medium to light. And they aren't kidding when they named it transparent glow. It really does give a slight glow. Not shimmer, just glow. So you probs shouldn't wear this if you're going to be photographed. I like the way this blends. Just use a light hand. I have super oily skin but I haven't had any problems with the powder changing color on me. It holds back the shine for about 4 hours with nothing underneath it. (No primer, etc.) If you have any other questions about this product, just shoot me an e-mail :) A note about pictures: I lost the cord that connects my camera to my computer :( so I'll be posting reviews, and whenever I find the cord I'll post the pics.

Have a great day!


Saturday, May 22, 2010

On the Go? Try Avon's New 3 in 1 Pencil!

Avon's next new product? A Professional Multi-Pencil. AKA: a 3 in 1 FACE pencil.  Yep. One side has a color that can be used on lips and cheeks. The other side has a color that can be used as an eyeliner or eyeshadow.  And I must say, Bravo Avon! The cheek/lip shade blends like a charm on cheeks and adds a very nice tint to lips. The pencil comes in three shades: Twice the Spice, (my fave!) Sugar Plum and Rasberry Radiance. Now here is the strange thing. Swice the Spice's lip/cheek color is very moisturizing, but the other two pencils are very drying. Other than that I have no complaint about the lip/cheek side. As for the eye side, it lasts for about 5 hours when topped with eyeshadow. Now for the colors. Swice the Spice is my favorite pencil. Color and otherwise.

Swice the Spice
Sugar Plum
                                          Raspberry Radiance
Now in the last two pics look carefully at the lip colors. In real life they are the same! You really only need the two pencils. The colors are housed in a sleek black tube (sorry, no pics, my camera is, um not working)
You will need a jumbo pencil sharpener. If you have any questions, leave a comment or e-mail me :)

How to Fake a Good Night's Sleep.

Hey gals,
If you've been up late studying or reading an awesome book,  here are a few pointers on how to look well rested:
*When my eyes look a little red rimmed, so I use a white eyeliner on my bottom waterline. This makes you look more awake. For darker skinned gals, I know it might be hard to find a skin-toned eyeliner, but you might want to try a flesh-toned lipliner.
*Just use light, nude colors on your eyelid. Today I used a shimmery champagne eyeshadow (from a Maybelline pallete) on lid with a purple eyeliner (tightlined) I like having a bit of color, so using a colored eyeliner drawn very thinly adds a nice pop of color. (eyeliner I used: Avon superSHOCK gel liner in Plumful)
*Don't over-do the blush. You want a really light flush on your cheeks to make you look well rested. (I used a light bubblegum pink)
*Today I'm using a light pink gloss. (Barely Blossom by Revlon)
My camera is on the fritz, so no pics today :(

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Avon superSHOCK Intense Mascara Review

Ok the last of the superSHOCK stuff. The colored mascara. This is my first experience with a colored mascara, and it's goin' good. Purple really flatters my med. green eyes, so the purple mascara came in the mail. It's the same formula as the superSHOCK, (so you could count this as a review of the original superSHOCK mascara also) but with color. (I really love my superSHOCK, I love having almost-fake looking lashes, they're so big!) It's a really nice subtle color too. Its purple, but so dark it's almost black with a tiny bit of shimmer. Pic! w/flash

And the formula is really nice. I really don't like really wet or really dry mascaras, but this one sits right in the middle. (A little tip when applying this mascara, twirl the wand on your lashes, this gets rid of clumps and adds a little more drama)
So, it's properties:
Lengthening: not bragging, but it seems that guys just have longer lashes than girls? Well my dad does, and somehow I got his genes for lashes. With my eyes open my lashes touch my eyebrows. So I don't really need something to lengthen.
Volume: WOW, baby! I love the volume I get from this mascara. I don't even apply two coats! Also, how long you take applying this mascara makes a difference. It you want a more natural look, then just do a quick swipe. If you want more vavooom, then wiggle and twirl the wand, and voila!
Here is a pic. of the tube (w/flash)

Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Avon True Color Eyeshadow Quad

I'm just cranking out reviews today! So, next up is the superSHOCK eyeshadow quad in electric purple. I really like this quad, the colors are bright, but wearable. There are (duh!) four shades:
top left "Nude" top right "electric purple" bottom left "limeade" bottom right "gold"

let me just tell what's not so good. These shadows do crease. I'm sure that with the right primer, there would really work. Good news is that it doesn't start to crease till hour 3, with is about the longest I'm out and about, so that doesn't bother me. (that much) If anyone can recommend an inexpensive eye primer, I'm desperate!!
Now, the good stuff: So, the colors are kinda funky. Nude. A color that matches my skin exactly! (Again!) It's a wonderful color for softening brighter, harsher colors. Electric Purple. It's not really electric. It's more of a deep plum. With a tiny bit of shimmer. I really like it for a crease color. Or somedays I'll use it along my lower lashline for a pop of color. Limeade. A really pretty sheer light shimmer lime green. It's not really lime as, light green. It's a good all-over lid color, or an adventurous highlight color. Gold. that pretty much nails it. A shimmery med. gold. Swatches!
(top to bottom) Nude, Limeade, Gold, Electric Purple.

See? Fun colors, but not overdone! I love it! There is another special edition palette "Aquadelic" A nude color (bit darker then the one in this palette) Bright coral, aqua blue, and black. retail: $7.99 (intro special)
Have an awesome day!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Avon superSHOCK Gel Eyeliner Pencil (warning this is a rave!)

Oh. My. Goodness. I love this eyeliner. I LOVE this eyeliner. I LOVE THIS EYELINER! It is ahmazing. It is so smooooth. And creamy. And it lasts all day. And doesn't smudge. And is $5!
One: This eyeliner is smooth, oh the glide you get! No skipping, tugging or smudging. I can't stop singing it's praises. (ok, maybe now I'm done with my rave) Ok, has anyone ever used a gel/cream eyeliner? Don't you just love the smoothness, and how easy it applies? But how annoying when (like me) your brush makes super-thick lines? Look no more.
Two: The pigmentation is great! I received Plumful. A really pretty deep plum with shimmer, as the name implies. There are three other shades. They are Steel (light grey shimmer) Bronze (bronze shimmer) Khaki Shimmer (um, duh!) I'm trying to save my money (I have vet bills to pay) So I probably won't buy any other shades, but I have my eye on Khaki Shimmer, but not sure how khaki will work with my green eyes.
Overall: BUY THIS NOW!!!
Pencil with flash

Pencil no flash

End of the pencil. *pretty purple* no flash

the tip with flash (I know, I've used it soo much)

the tip no flash

have a wonderful day!
p.s. readers request. It completely slipped my mind to swatch! Here's one!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The rest of my avon haul

Ok, so here is what else I hauled:
Most of the new superSHOCK line, (this was offered as a bundle to us Avon reps, so I got all this much cheaper than usual, or else I wouldn't have bought it) the gel liner in pencil form, an eyeshadow quad, a colored mascara, nail polish and one of the new lipsticks. The nail polish and lipstick I'm going to sell, so I won't swatch those. I'm really loving the gel-in-a-pencil idea, the super-smooth creaminess of a gel liner, and the convenience of application of a pencil. The eyeshadow has some pretty scary colors, but nicely sheer. (It's not like I can't-see-it-sheer, but not garishly pigmented.) The colored mascara is the first I've ever tried. It's supposed to be purple, but on your lashes it comes across as a blackish purple with a little shimmer. Not over the top, but a little pizazz. Can't say much about the nail polish, except that at first glance it comes across as fuchsia, but when you look closer there is purple shimmer. The lipstick is one of the new Ultra Color Rich, the lipstick that is faceted.
The new Cashmere Finish Liquid Foundation- I'm currently using this to cover my blemishes because I've found that concealer is way too heavy for my skin, but this is really nice.
Two Mark. juice gems-they were on BOGO free and I've been dying to try them, so reviews are coming soon
So, here are pictures!
Here is the eyeliner


Eyeshadow Quad


Juice Gems

makeup love,

Revlon Matte Luxurious Color Kohl Eyeliner Pencil

Here is the last review of my Revlon haul. I bought a white eyeliner for my waterline to use on days I stayed up too late the night before, or I'm so exited I can't sleep. With me, you can really tell when I've had a hard night. Partly because I have super-pale skin, so dark circles really show up, and I also am yawning all day. *Note. Is this just me, or does if just look weird to line your top lid with white liner? Something I just don't do* I really like this pencil. I've tried different brands, but some have bugged my eyes, other disappear seconds after I apply. Ok so the eyeliner itself is in the color "Pure White" no shimmer, just straight up white. This eyeliner does have a smudger on one end, but I just use it with my other eyeliners. The application is very easy and smooth. For the sake of review before I removed my makeup I did apply this on the top lid, and I had no tugging or skipping. Waterline is the same. It also says pretty well on my waterline also. My one complaint is the price. I bought this at a warehouse sale so it was fairly inexpensive, but at a drugstore I've seen the same product going for $10-$12. If you can get it on sale, I would really recommend this, but $10? Not so sure.
The name, nice and clear

The tip of the pencil


Have a wonderful day!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Mark. Pretty Wild Lipgloss

Ok, so I was kinda bummed about the pretty wild palette, but I remembered I still have the gloss to review!!! This is a tube-in-a-tube packaging. You get 12 ml/.40 fl oz. I removed the top and squeezed near the base (the place closest to the applicator) Clear gloss came out. I squeezed higher up. Clear gloss came out. By then, my lips were very glossy. So I went on my way to try again once this gloss had worn off. When I tried again, the same thing happened. So I took an empty eyeshadow pan, and just SQUEEZED that gloss into it. About a second later, color came out!!! Moral of the story: just keep squeezing, because once you get it going, if you squeeze different places on the tube, different color/gloss combos come out. On to the gloss itself. It smells like watermelon. That's a good thing because watermelon is my fave fruit. The gloss has a plastic slant-tipped applicator that is smaller than most. I bought it in the color "Hey Baby" It's a really nice watermelon color (are you surprised?) It's much brighter on your lips than in the tube, but that was a nice change, because we all know that spring is around the corner. You kinda have to work the color around on your lips to get full coverage. It's a very light gloss, and really smooth. Overall, I would recommend this gloss. Don't give up at first, the color will come. Pics:



Swatch (top to bottom) half clear half color, all clear, mostly color.

have a wonderful day!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Mark. pretty wild palette review *updated*

Ok, I promised to review the Mark. stuff first (I'm really busy, so I'll post pics of the rest of my haul tomorrow) so here goes. I bought the Pretty Wild Palette. It has 4 eye lip and cheek colors, and 3 lip glosses. So, the palette is nicely packaged.

keeping up with the "wild side" of things
opened up:

Here it is with flash

no flash

Swatches (from top to bottom) Smoked, Glammed, Bronzed, Shimmered, Lovie, Bitten, Tease
It's like minus 20 (C) here so when my stuff arrived it was a bit chilly. When I went to swatch you could see that the heat from my finger was warming up the layer of cold.
The consistency is very smooth and buttery. Be careful not to press to hard. I haven't had time to wear this all day, so I can't say what the staying power is yet. I will update once I've have time to wear all day. *updated* *I wore the cream shades for about an hour before they creased. I tried layering a powder shadow over top, but nothing worked. I'm sad to say that after 2 hours it was gone completely. Good thing for me that the only color I won't be able to wear on my lips is the the black but that's ok.* The colors are really pretty. The dark navy/black color (smoked) I'm planning on using as a eyeliner. The pinks (glammed and shimmered) would make nice eye and lip colors, but not sure about the cheek thing. I like the gold (bronzed) Ahh, now the lipglosses. Remember me sayin I have a thing for pinky-golds? that lipgloss color in middle in the middle row? (bitten) That sure delivers. It doesn't look like much in the pan, but as soon as I put it on, I knew I have something special. It has ittty bitty gold shimmer in it! It's just soo beautiful I could go on and on (but I won't) The color to the left (lovie) is a nice sheer raspberry (perfect for when you want a punch of color, but don't want to over-do it) the white shimmer (tease) has tiny specks of pink in it, I'd say it's the sheerest color in the palette. But it still gives a nice shimmer, and I probably end up using it over lipstick for some extra oomf. So, here is my over all reaction: cute palette, gorgeous lip colors and awesome price! (it's the cheapest mark palette I've seen running at $12)

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hair: The Long and Short of it.

Okay, okay, I know this is a beauty blog, but hey, I'm allowed to bend the rules. So. I've gone through many different hairstyles over the years. From age 0-3ish it was very curly. Then 4-9 it was poker straight. When I was 6 my mom actually said I could get it permed. But when the hairdresser told me I might go blind if the stuff got in my eyes, I quickly decided that straight hair wasn't so bad. When I was 10 all my friends had short hair, so I chopped mine to my earlobes. So for the past 4 years I've been trying to grow out my hair. It's down to a little past my shoulders. Oh, and when it grew back in, it grew curly!!! So now I am blessed (burdened) with naturally curly hair. I'm trying to find good hair care routine, so I'd love comments/suggestions on creams, conditioners, and gels. Right now I'm looking more like Ms. Frizzle than anything else.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Can't Wait for the new Mark. Pretty Wild Collection

Hey girls,

I'm so exited about the Mark. Pretty Wild Collection. (didn't I already say that!?) this will be the first time that I'm hauling from a limited edition collection! So I should be posting on thursday!
Stay tuned!

Revlon Cream Blush Review

Ok. I don't have much experience with cream blushes, but for me this one is pretty sweet. It's a perfect color for me, and it's easily blended. The product is easy to pick up (I use my God-given tools for that.) *fingers!* And easy to apply. As for wear/lasting ability, I sealed it with translucent powder and had no problems. I really like the packaging on this blush!
So you pop open the top, nothing special, but on the lower right-hand corner is a button that says: PUSH, so, duh, I pushed it. Out from the right of the blush comes a mirror! So cool! As for the blush, you get .12 oz/3.4 grams.
See? There is the little button and the mirror :)
Makeup love,


Hey gals, (you like that better then "guys" don't ya?)
I might not be posting as much in the upcoming weeks, because I'm getting pretty booked up as to babysitting for the next month or so, but I will be reviewing the rest of the products from my Revlon haul, and I'm gonna be hauling some Avon/Mark. products. (such as the Mark. Pretty Wild Color Collection!!!) So stay tuned and I'm not dead :) So a list of upcoming posts:
Revlon Cream Blush Review
Revlon Kohl Eyeliner Review
Avon/Mark. Haul
Avon Smooth Minerals Collection Review
Maybe some FOTDs?
Check back soon!
makeup love, Essi

Friday, January 22, 2010

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss Review

Ok gals, my next review is on Revlon's Super Lustrous Lipgloss. I bought it in two shades: Barely Blossom and Sunset Nude. Out of the two Barely Blossom is the most pigmented, but both are lovely glosses. Their texture is smooth, when you rub your lips together, it's not sticky. And unlike the skinlights gloss, this gloss has a mild smell. You get 2 fl oz/5.9 mls of product. I can't really think of anything else. It's not a horrible gloss, but it's nothing to rave about. It's just your average gloss.
Sunset Nude

Barely Blossom

Doe Foot Applicator

Swatches (top to bottom)Sunset Nude, Barely Blossom

have a good day!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Revlon Skinlights Lipgloss Review

Ok, I'm sure you gals have read my revlon haul post :) So I'm starting to review all the products I purchased. I'm also going to try to do some tuts. (not on video, but step by step pics) I'm not a guru (yet!) but I love makeup and I've come up with some decent looks. I'm kinda wary about posting my face on the Internet cause I have awful teenage skin. But we'll see what happens. On to the review!

It is a squeeze tube gloss. That's not bad, but I hate the applicator! It's not slant-tipped but one of those round tip with a hole in the middle. But it was $0.50 (.5 fl oz/15 ml) so I can deal. I know everyone has a holy grail color that just makes you feel awesome. My color (at least my for my lips) is pinky-gold. I always gravitate to anything that represents a shimmery pinky-gold. So when I saw this color (Rose Quartz) in the "bargain bin" I knew it was to be mine. Ok, I ran to the car (I can't drive yet, so I was with a friend) and tried on the color. I was disappointed. It was VERY sheer. But I read the back of the gloss and here is what they say:
"Light up your smile with Skinlight's exclusive light capturing crystal complex. Light and smooth, to wear alone or over lipstick"

Ok, I don't read anything about being sheer, but the whole "light capturing crystal complex" is no joke!!! The gloss has small pink shimmery flakes in it. But it's not gritty, it's very "light and smooth" So now I have lightly shimmery lips. Like! But I did take their suggestion and layered it over a lipstick. Perfect! So, in all it's ok, but there are probably better lip glosses out there. Then again, it's very nice to wear over lipstick for shine and moisturization. (and it was 50 cents!)
One more thing, this stuff STINKS! It smells really bad, but the smell wears off after a few minutes.

can you see the crystals?
The oh so annoying applicator!
in a hurry, makeup love, Essi

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Score!! (AKA haul!!!) pic heavy!

Hey gals, I'm pretty happy right now. I've been reading so much on The Recessionista's blog; Nouveau Cheap. (sorry, I can't get the link up, but just google Nouveau Cheap and you'll find it!) Anyways she is always talking about the awsome deals she finds, but here in Canada, I can't find stores that put things on sale!! So I was super exited when a Revlon Warehouse sale rented a building for a month to get rid of extra stock! There was stuff 50-75% off in there! But, Avon is releasing some awesome spring products so, I restrained myself to 3 lip glosses, 1 cream blush and 1 eyeliner. So, there was this huge bin with gloss-nailpolish duos in it -2 for $1!! I got the last pinky gloss, all the rest were an nude-gold, but I got one of those so to get the 2 for $1 deal. The third gloss (squeeze-tube) I got was in the "bargain bin" a small cardboard box filled with items that lost their price tags, or were the last of that color in stock. I managed to get it for $1 also.
The blush was the most exspensive thing I bought- at $6 a for a pan. But this blush is the dream blush for vampire white gals like me. It gives a just flushed look to the face. I find that I'm so pale that many blushes make me look like a clown, which is not what I'm going for! And I bought a white kohl liner (marked $3) for my waterline. *tip of the day: if you stayed up too late last night, or find your eyes need a pick-me-up, take a white eyeliner and line your waterline. This works miracles! For darker skinned gals, just try to find a liner a few shades lighter than whatever color you waterline is. But more wonders awaited me at the cash register. Everything was BOGO 50% off! So I ran to find something else. (at that piont I only had 5 items) I ended up with a super-soaker (there wasn't just makeup in the warehouse) for my 10 year old sister. My total?
Blush: $6
Eyeliner: $1.50 (this was the 50% item)
Super-soaker: $3
squeeze tube gloss: $0.50 (50% off!)
Gloss-Nail polish set #1: $0.50
Gloss-Nail polish set #2: $0.25 (50% off!)
Total: $11.75 before tax. Not too bad if I do say so myself!
Here are pictures:
Ok, the squeeze tube gloss. The official name is: Skinlights gloss for lips in "Rose Quartz"
Close up
This was in the gloss-nail polish set. Official name: Super Lustrous in "Sunrise Nude"
The other Super Lustrous gloss in "Barely Blossom"
The cream blush in "Rosy Glow"
Revlon Matte Luxurious Color Kohl Eyeliner in "Pure White"
Swatches! From top to bottom: Rose Quartz, Barely Blossom, Sunrise Nude, Rosy Glow, Pure White
I'll be posting more pictures and full reviews of all the items, so check back soon!
Makeup love, Essi

Friday, January 15, 2010

Introducing. . . Liners!!!

Hey gals,
let's break from shadow for a bit shall we? I'd like to talk about eyeliner. I looovvvveee eyeliner, just as much as I love shadow.(thats saying lots!) Anyways, I'd like to review my favorite eyeliner at this time. It is Avon's Glimmersticks! I know there are probably thousands of reviews on them, but I'm gonna add my two cents.
First off, this is a twist-up liner. So, YAY no sharpening! Second, you must be very, very careful when opening the liner. It has a tip poking out, so if you just wrench the top off, you will probably break the tip off too. Not a good thing. Anyways, after a few uses you will wear down the tip so you can twist it into the container and keep if safe. Onto the liner itself: It's CREAMY! And it glides soooo well! And unlike other creamy liners, there is absolutley no transfer onto your lid. (I have deep-set eyes, so this happens alot with the wrong liner) I also like that depending on the angle you put this liner on, you can create thick or thin lines. But you can do that with most liners. Anyways, the colors they have are:
Blackest Black (which I own)
Saturn Grey
Starry Night
Cosmic Brown
Blackest Night
Smoky Grey
Copper (which I own)
Midnight Blue
Brown Chocolate
They have a space thing going as to names. lol.
Something I forgot to mention: For waterlines, I would suggest the waterproof formula. Just because, well, waterproof liners usually stay longer on your waterline. As for application, it's smooth, creamy, and I have had no problems wearing these babies on my waterline. Pics below.
Top: Blackest Black Bottom: Copper
This is what it looks like sans top. I have been using it for 3 months so I've worn it down quite a bit :)
please don't complain about the pics, I tried for an hour to get some good ones!
Makeup love, Essi