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Friday, February 12, 2010

Mark. Pretty Wild Lipgloss

Ok, so I was kinda bummed about the pretty wild palette, but I remembered I still have the gloss to review!!! This is a tube-in-a-tube packaging. You get 12 ml/.40 fl oz. I removed the top and squeezed near the base (the place closest to the applicator) Clear gloss came out. I squeezed higher up. Clear gloss came out. By then, my lips were very glossy. So I went on my way to try again once this gloss had worn off. When I tried again, the same thing happened. So I took an empty eyeshadow pan, and just SQUEEZED that gloss into it. About a second later, color came out!!! Moral of the story: just keep squeezing, because once you get it going, if you squeeze different places on the tube, different color/gloss combos come out. On to the gloss itself. It smells like watermelon. That's a good thing because watermelon is my fave fruit. The gloss has a plastic slant-tipped applicator that is smaller than most. I bought it in the color "Hey Baby" It's a really nice watermelon color (are you surprised?) It's much brighter on your lips than in the tube, but that was a nice change, because we all know that spring is around the corner. You kinda have to work the color around on your lips to get full coverage. It's a very light gloss, and really smooth. Overall, I would recommend this gloss. Don't give up at first, the color will come. Pics:



Swatch (top to bottom) half clear half color, all clear, mostly color.

have a wonderful day!

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