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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Revlon Matte Luxurious Color Kohl Eyeliner Pencil

Here is the last review of my Revlon haul. I bought a white eyeliner for my waterline to use on days I stayed up too late the night before, or I'm so exited I can't sleep. With me, you can really tell when I've had a hard night. Partly because I have super-pale skin, so dark circles really show up, and I also am yawning all day. *Note. Is this just me, or does if just look weird to line your top lid with white liner? Something I just don't do* I really like this pencil. I've tried different brands, but some have bugged my eyes, other disappear seconds after I apply. Ok so the eyeliner itself is in the color "Pure White" no shimmer, just straight up white. This eyeliner does have a smudger on one end, but I just use it with my other eyeliners. The application is very easy and smooth. For the sake of review before I removed my makeup I did apply this on the top lid, and I had no tugging or skipping. Waterline is the same. It also says pretty well on my waterline also. My one complaint is the price. I bought this at a warehouse sale so it was fairly inexpensive, but at a drugstore I've seen the same product going for $10-$12. If you can get it on sale, I would really recommend this, but $10? Not so sure.
The name, nice and clear

The tip of the pencil


Have a wonderful day!


  1. Is it long lasting? I've got rather oily skin so eyeliners tend to smudge easily :)

  2. yes it is! I use UDPP underneath and I seal it with a powder eyeshadow overtop. I too have really oily lids, so I was very happy to find this. Another long-lasting eyeliner that I love is the Avon water-proof Glimmersticks :)


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