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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Revlon Skinlights Lipgloss Review

Ok, I'm sure you gals have read my revlon haul post :) So I'm starting to review all the products I purchased. I'm also going to try to do some tuts. (not on video, but step by step pics) I'm not a guru (yet!) but I love makeup and I've come up with some decent looks. I'm kinda wary about posting my face on the Internet cause I have awful teenage skin. But we'll see what happens. On to the review!

It is a squeeze tube gloss. That's not bad, but I hate the applicator! It's not slant-tipped but one of those round tip with a hole in the middle. But it was $0.50 (.5 fl oz/15 ml) so I can deal. I know everyone has a holy grail color that just makes you feel awesome. My color (at least my for my lips) is pinky-gold. I always gravitate to anything that represents a shimmery pinky-gold. So when I saw this color (Rose Quartz) in the "bargain bin" I knew it was to be mine. Ok, I ran to the car (I can't drive yet, so I was with a friend) and tried on the color. I was disappointed. It was VERY sheer. But I read the back of the gloss and here is what they say:
"Light up your smile with Skinlight's exclusive light capturing crystal complex. Light and smooth, to wear alone or over lipstick"

Ok, I don't read anything about being sheer, but the whole "light capturing crystal complex" is no joke!!! The gloss has small pink shimmery flakes in it. But it's not gritty, it's very "light and smooth" So now I have lightly shimmery lips. Like! But I did take their suggestion and layered it over a lipstick. Perfect! So, in all it's ok, but there are probably better lip glosses out there. Then again, it's very nice to wear over lipstick for shine and moisturization. (and it was 50 cents!)
One more thing, this stuff STINKS! It smells really bad, but the smell wears off after a few minutes.

can you see the crystals?
The oh so annoying applicator!
in a hurry, makeup love, Essi

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