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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Avon superSHOCK Intense Mascara Review

Ok the last of the superSHOCK stuff. The colored mascara. This is my first experience with a colored mascara, and it's goin' good. Purple really flatters my med. green eyes, so the purple mascara came in the mail. It's the same formula as the superSHOCK, (so you could count this as a review of the original superSHOCK mascara also) but with color. (I really love my superSHOCK, I love having almost-fake looking lashes, they're so big!) It's a really nice subtle color too. Its purple, but so dark it's almost black with a tiny bit of shimmer. Pic! w/flash

And the formula is really nice. I really don't like really wet or really dry mascaras, but this one sits right in the middle. (A little tip when applying this mascara, twirl the wand on your lashes, this gets rid of clumps and adds a little more drama)
So, it's properties:
Lengthening: not bragging, but it seems that guys just have longer lashes than girls? Well my dad does, and somehow I got his genes for lashes. With my eyes open my lashes touch my eyebrows. So I don't really need something to lengthen.
Volume: WOW, baby! I love the volume I get from this mascara. I don't even apply two coats! Also, how long you take applying this mascara makes a difference. It you want a more natural look, then just do a quick swipe. If you want more vavooom, then wiggle and twirl the wand, and voila!
Here is a pic. of the tube (w/flash)

Have a wonderful day!

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  1. hey there..do u recommend avon's super shock intense mascara if so coul u please write to me:)


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