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Friday, January 15, 2010

Introducing. . . Liners!!!

Hey gals,
let's break from shadow for a bit shall we? I'd like to talk about eyeliner. I looovvvveee eyeliner, just as much as I love shadow.(thats saying lots!) Anyways, I'd like to review my favorite eyeliner at this time. It is Avon's Glimmersticks! I know there are probably thousands of reviews on them, but I'm gonna add my two cents.
First off, this is a twist-up liner. So, YAY no sharpening! Second, you must be very, very careful when opening the liner. It has a tip poking out, so if you just wrench the top off, you will probably break the tip off too. Not a good thing. Anyways, after a few uses you will wear down the tip so you can twist it into the container and keep if safe. Onto the liner itself: It's CREAMY! And it glides soooo well! And unlike other creamy liners, there is absolutley no transfer onto your lid. (I have deep-set eyes, so this happens alot with the wrong liner) I also like that depending on the angle you put this liner on, you can create thick or thin lines. But you can do that with most liners. Anyways, the colors they have are:
Blackest Black (which I own)
Saturn Grey
Starry Night
Cosmic Brown
Blackest Night
Smoky Grey
Copper (which I own)
Midnight Blue
Brown Chocolate
They have a space thing going as to names. lol.
Something I forgot to mention: For waterlines, I would suggest the waterproof formula. Just because, well, waterproof liners usually stay longer on your waterline. As for application, it's smooth, creamy, and I have had no problems wearing these babies on my waterline. Pics below.
Top: Blackest Black Bottom: Copper
This is what it looks like sans top. I have been using it for 3 months so I've worn it down quite a bit :)
please don't complain about the pics, I tried for an hour to get some good ones!
Makeup love, Essi

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