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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I'm Flipping for mark.'s Flip for It Palette

Just got this. And I'm lovin it! No this isn't an ad for McDonalds :) I'm talking about  mark.'s FFI (flip for it) palette in tokyo. Don't know about you, but I love purple. (It doesn't hurt that I have green eyes. Purple really makes green eyes pop) Which means I love this palette. It's a mix of purples and pinks; colors that work well with my porcelain doll skin (you should know by now I'm SUPER pale) Okay let me say I love the packaging. If you were to take four lipsticks and arrange them in the shape of a square, that's how big the palette is. The way the palette is designed is really smart. You open it up and you see two eyeshadows and a blush. You tilt the mirror back and the tray comes up a bit. (arggg, I wish I could find the cord for my camera! It would be so easy to show you with pictures!) To cut a long story short, the tray flips to reveal four lip colors. Two lip(sticks?) and two glosses. I looked at the colours and was confused. Three of them fitted the overall pink/purple of the palette, but one of the glosses is sheer shimmery red. Purple and red are okay, I'm just thinking that there is probs a better colour Mark. could have put in the palette. Okay now I'm going to rant. I went to put on one of the lip(stick?) colours on with a lip brush. And got nothing. The trick is that your fingers will do a better job at picking up the solid lip colors than a brush. End of rant. The solid lip colours look super dark in the pan, but apply sheer, just adding a kiss of colour. It's really fun to layer the  lip colours and make new combos. Okay, now flip back to the eyeshadows. One is light pink and the other is purple/black the blush is a delicate pink perfect for slightly flushed cheeks. On their own the shadows last about 2 hours. A word of warning: the purple back color is DARK use sparingly, a little dab'll do ya ;) 
Overall I like this palette. It's easy to use and you don't have the eyeshadows mixing with the lip colors, etc.
This palette is def for daytime looks, but that's pretty much the only look I do!
Have a wonderful day!

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