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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The rest of my avon haul

Ok, so here is what else I hauled:
Most of the new superSHOCK line, (this was offered as a bundle to us Avon reps, so I got all this much cheaper than usual, or else I wouldn't have bought it) the gel liner in pencil form, an eyeshadow quad, a colored mascara, nail polish and one of the new lipsticks. The nail polish and lipstick I'm going to sell, so I won't swatch those. I'm really loving the gel-in-a-pencil idea, the super-smooth creaminess of a gel liner, and the convenience of application of a pencil. The eyeshadow has some pretty scary colors, but nicely sheer. (It's not like I can't-see-it-sheer, but not garishly pigmented.) The colored mascara is the first I've ever tried. It's supposed to be purple, but on your lashes it comes across as a blackish purple with a little shimmer. Not over the top, but a little pizazz. Can't say much about the nail polish, except that at first glance it comes across as fuchsia, but when you look closer there is purple shimmer. The lipstick is one of the new Ultra Color Rich, the lipstick that is faceted.
The new Cashmere Finish Liquid Foundation- I'm currently using this to cover my blemishes because I've found that concealer is way too heavy for my skin, but this is really nice.
Two Mark. juice gems-they were on BOGO free and I've been dying to try them, so reviews are coming soon
So, here are pictures!
Here is the eyeliner


Eyeshadow Quad


Juice Gems

makeup love,

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