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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Update/ Mini Review

Hey gals, I'm sorry I haven't posted in awhile! My sister and I are in the musical Annie, so pratices have basically been my life over the summer :) Showeek is Sept 12-18 so after that life calms down some and I will start posting more often.
Today I'm doing a short review of Avon's Ultra Luxury Eye Liner
I have two of 'em one in Eggplant (a pretty shimmery purple) and Khaki (khaki green with gold shimmer)
Swatches!!!! (I'm using the camera mode on my sister's video camera)
Top: Khaki, Bottom: Eggplant
These are what the liners look like :)
I like these liners. They do need a primer underneath or else they do a fanishing act. But for $1.99!? Yes please! The colors are viabrant and go on smoothly. They usually go for $5.99 but Avon has been running a sale so if you wait long enough you can snap them up for $1.99
There are a few other colors: Black, Charcoal, Dark Brown, and Midnight Blue
I hope you enjoyed this on the go review!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Project 10 Pan

Hey girls!
I'm going to embark on Project 10 Pan. If you're never heard of it, basically I can't buy any new makeup until I've used up 10 makeup products. This helps if you're on a budget. So far I'v found some hidden jems while going through my stash. It also gives me an excuse to use up some products I'm not loving. Wish me luck!

Maybelline Forever Metallics Metal Shine Lip Colors: A review

I'm not about to type that title again! For the rest of the review I'm calling these what they really are:  a nice jumbo lip pencil. I bought three colors: Ginger Sheen, Berry Glossy, and Blush Beam. Out of the three my fave is Blush Beam. It's a pretty, wearable pink with gold shimmer (you know me!) Berry Glossy is a deep berry shade you gotta be careful with. It applies really dark (all the shades do) but to make it more wearble I've been dotting it on my lips then blending it out so it's not so dark. Then I top it with a light pink lipgloss if I really want to tone it down. (I've been using Revlon Super Lustrous in Barely Blossom) Ginger Sheen is a rusty red with gold flecks. Again this one use with caution. I apply is sheer then top with a coral or sheer red lipgloss. These pencils have really nice staying power and are not drying in the least.
Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I'm Hooking Up with Mark. Hookups!

Hey girls! How was your weekend? Mine was really busy. I've had these glosses awhile, but they keep getting shoved down to the bottom of my review list. But here we are. I bought two different glosses and a mini jumbo eye pencil. (I'll explain later in the post)
Okay. I bought two shine tubes in Creme Caramel and Marshmallow. Creme Caramel was extremely dissapointing. The color looked georgeous in the tube, but one applied is so sheer it might as well be clear. Marmallow adds a tiny bit of color and shimmer, but not much. The design of the packaging is really nice. It's a squeeze tube and the top connects with another-so you can hookup different products. I guess the only thing I love about these glosses it that they smell divine. Maybe not what the names are but really delish. No flavour though. (good thing or else these glosses wouldn't last a minute on my lips :)
The second gloss is an m.powerment shade: peach, all procedes from the m.powerment line go to the prevention of teen abuse. I bought the shade Peach. it's a peachy (duh!!) gold color which is really pretty for summer. The pigmentation is really good in this gloss. It has a mint kick though. No taste.
Okay now for the Mini Mark It Stick. It needs a jumbo pencil sharpener, but is only as long as my pinkie. I have it in Violet Opal. This sucks as an eyeshadow. It creased within five minutes of application. I've tried it with primer but no luck. I love it as an eyeliner though. The color is purple-y white. A swatch on your hand, as you move it back and forth goes from white to light purple. I love to do a semi thick line of the mini mark it stick then tightline black on my top lid. Any questions about the products I'd be more than happy to answer!
Have a wonderful day!

Monday, July 5, 2010

I caved...

Alright. I have a confession to make. I love Avon. I really love Avon. But dear Avon, you have no products that wear very long on my very oily lids! So, what do I do? I cheat on you. I go onto ebay and buy that cult classic UDPP. I have heard about this product since I started to wear makeup.Oh you lucky Americans! You only have to pay $17 for a bottle. Imagine my horror when I walk into my local Sephora to find that UDPP is $26 a bottle! :( So I get a friend to go onto ebay and I bought a duo the Original and Sin.
With shipping, etc I payed $15 for each bottle. I saved $9 a bottle by doing this! I've been playing around with both formulas and it seems like Sin creases faster than the Original formula. Some people look on this as a miracle, but really for me it lasts about 7 hours, and even then it has started to crease a bit. Sin lasts about 5 hours before it really starts creasing. That is better than nothing, before I started using UDPP eyeshadow only lasted less than 2 hours. Overall it's better than nothing, but I'll going to try a different primer after this runs out. If any of you gals out there have tips about UDPP please share!!!

A Really Cool Lipstick

Of all the things I've lost I miss my mind the most. . .
Okay I know I said that I was finished with all the superSHOCK stuff, but no. I forgot the Avon Ultra Color Rich Mega Impact Lipstick. (quite a mouthful) Take a look how it's cut: (I'll post pics soon!)

Cool huh? I have it in Never so Nude. It's such a pretty beige pink. I normally don't wear nudes because my lips have zero pigment, so I like lipsticks that darken my lips. Now this nude is pigmented enough that I can carry it off.
It's a really nice nude shade.
The shape of the lipstick is nice for exact application.
It's only $4.99
Some might find this is too shimmery. It's not a metallic but, well you can judge from the pics.
(coming soon)
Have a wonderful day!

Haulin' in the USA

Well, last weekend my family and I went down to US for a weekend and I finally went to a Dollar Tree! (The Resessionista talks about this store sooo much!) You girls will not believe the deals I found! I bought five things (I didn't have much time) Sally Hansen Comfort Shine Lip Glaze in Fresh Strawberry (that's a mouthfull!) Sally Hansen Natural Butter Lip Shine in Bloom and three Maybelline Forever Metallics Metal Shine Lip Colors (in English: Jumbo lip pencils) shades: Blush Beam, Ginger Spice and Berry Glossy. So far I think my favorites are the lip gloss and the lip pencil in Blush Beam. Berry Glossy is def. a fall color. It's a bit deep for summer. Same goes for Ginger Spice. It's a bit to rust for me but I like to layer another gloss on top to mute it. I also went to Wal-Mart to gaze at the Hard Candy display. It wasn't even stocked, but I did pick up the last compact (Welcome Matte) Reviews coming soon! Oh, by the way I'm getting a phone! It's going to have a camera in it, so soon I'll be posting pictures again :) yay!