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Saturday, May 22, 2010

How to Fake a Good Night's Sleep.

Hey gals,
If you've been up late studying or reading an awesome book,  here are a few pointers on how to look well rested:
*When my eyes look a little red rimmed, so I use a white eyeliner on my bottom waterline. This makes you look more awake. For darker skinned gals, I know it might be hard to find a skin-toned eyeliner, but you might want to try a flesh-toned lipliner.
*Just use light, nude colors on your eyelid. Today I used a shimmery champagne eyeshadow (from a Maybelline pallete) on lid with a purple eyeliner (tightlined) I like having a bit of color, so using a colored eyeliner drawn very thinly adds a nice pop of color. (eyeliner I used: Avon superSHOCK gel liner in Plumful)
*Don't over-do the blush. You want a really light flush on your cheeks to make you look well rested. (I used a light bubblegum pink)
*Today I'm using a light pink gloss. (Barely Blossom by Revlon)
My camera is on the fritz, so no pics today :(

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