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Monday, July 5, 2010

I caved...

Alright. I have a confession to make. I love Avon. I really love Avon. But dear Avon, you have no products that wear very long on my very oily lids! So, what do I do? I cheat on you. I go onto ebay and buy that cult classic UDPP. I have heard about this product since I started to wear makeup.Oh you lucky Americans! You only have to pay $17 for a bottle. Imagine my horror when I walk into my local Sephora to find that UDPP is $26 a bottle! :( So I get a friend to go onto ebay and I bought a duo the Original and Sin.
With shipping, etc I payed $15 for each bottle. I saved $9 a bottle by doing this! I've been playing around with both formulas and it seems like Sin creases faster than the Original formula. Some people look on this as a miracle, but really for me it lasts about 7 hours, and even then it has started to crease a bit. Sin lasts about 5 hours before it really starts creasing. That is better than nothing, before I started using UDPP eyeshadow only lasted less than 2 hours. Overall it's better than nothing, but I'll going to try a different primer after this runs out. If any of you gals out there have tips about UDPP please share!!!

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