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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Project 10 Pan

Hey girls!
I'm going to embark on Project 10 Pan. If you're never heard of it, basically I can't buy any new makeup until I've used up 10 makeup products. This helps if you're on a budget. So far I'v found some hidden jems while going through my stash. It also gives me an excuse to use up some products I'm not loving. Wish me luck!

Maybelline Forever Metallics Metal Shine Lip Colors: A review

I'm not about to type that title again! For the rest of the review I'm calling these what they really are:  a nice jumbo lip pencil. I bought three colors: Ginger Sheen, Berry Glossy, and Blush Beam. Out of the three my fave is Blush Beam. It's a pretty, wearable pink with gold shimmer (you know me!) Berry Glossy is a deep berry shade you gotta be careful with. It applies really dark (all the shades do) but to make it more wearble I've been dotting it on my lips then blending it out so it's not so dark. Then I top it with a light pink lipgloss if I really want to tone it down. (I've been using Revlon Super Lustrous in Barely Blossom) Ginger Sheen is a rusty red with gold flecks. Again this one use with caution. I apply is sheer then top with a coral or sheer red lipgloss. These pencils have really nice staying power and are not drying in the least.
Have a wonderful day!