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Friday, January 8, 2010

1st review is... Avon Glazewear Diamonds Eye Color

Ok, so I am always on the lookout for an afforable eyeshadow base. Sorry, but I just can't afford (or bring myself to) spend $20 or more dollars for one product. So when I saw that the glazewear diamonds was on sale for $3.99, AND being advertized as crease-proof, I thought why not? So, I bought it in pink sugar (or iced pink? the label came off. Sue me) Its a shimmery light pink color. So the day a got it, I opened my box with exitement, and went straight to the mirror to try it out. So, first, it goes easily, it's a liquid shadow and it feels very wet. Also, don't blend with your fingers, because you're just gonna wipe it off. So, use the applicator. This shadow goes on streaky and sheer. So, I let it dry, then applied my powder eyeshadow. It was a pain to blend, and the glazewear dries... well, I'll use a picture analogy. Have you seen pictures of the desert when it's all cracked and dry? that's what the shadow does. It settles into every single crack and cranny of your eyelid. Anyways, for the sake of review I wore it for a day. About 2 hours later I noticed minor creasing and by hour number 4 it was a big creasy mess. So, it sucks as an eye primer and a shadow. BUT you know what it ROCKS at? A highlighter!!! You know, the brow bone, down the nose, etc.? Because it's so sheer, it just gives the sought-after "glow." *note I am EXTREMELY pale, so this might not work for other people. So would I buy again? flat out no. But can I make the best of a bad product? YES! Pics and swatches below

this is the container, sorry about the eraser!

here it is open. the applicator is like a lipgloss

and here's a swatch. I have a terrible camera, so sorry if the pictures aren't the best. I really piled on the stuff for the swatch, but once it's blended it gives a beautiful glow.
thanks for reading!
Makeup love, Essi

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